Review: Is 10-Capital as Good as the Broker Claims to Be?

Review: Is 10-Capital as Good as the Broker Claims to Be?

If you want to start your career in trading, you have plenty of options available today. You don’t have to go anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a device that lets you access a trading platform. However, when it comes to the trading platform, you have to sign up with a broker that lets you access it. There are hundreds and thousands of brokers competing to be best today. When you narrow down some of the best, you have 10-Capital among them. You will notice that online brokers like to use the word “best” a lot. Sometimes, it feels as though the word has lost its essence and meaning.

So, it is completely natural when you have doubts about a broker being the best in its own words. Is 10-Capital really one of the best brokers out there? Let’s not take the words from broker as the truth. Instead, here is a detailed review that will talk about all the features and offerings of the broker so you can decide yourself if this company holds true to its claims.

A Brief Introduction to What 10-Capital Does

10-Capital is not different from many other brokers that act like a bridge for traders to trade in the financial markets. However, these brokers differ from each other on the basis of the level of their services. Some brokers truly understand their traders and offer them features that benefit them. On the other hand, there is no denial that some brokers are more focused on making their money and commissions from the traders. 10-Capital lets you access a trading platform that you can use for executing your trades in a variety of financial markets.

You will be trading CFDs that you can sell or purchase whenever you want. Of course, your decision to purchase or sell a CFD on an asset depends on the market conditions. If this does not make sense to you right now, it will when you have familiarized yourself with the basics of trading. you don’t have to worry about the trading education either because the broker takes care of that for you. So, you use a platform to trade various assets. In addition to trading the assets, you get a lot of help from the platform in the form of trading tools that let you predict and speculate the price movements in the market.

One of the things that you have to inquire about when you are comparing online brokers is the level of security you will be offered in terms of the safety of your funds and information. You understand that there are bad guys who like to attack companies with lots of customers to steal the customer information. Once your information has been stolen, these bad guys can take advantage of you in many ways. They might use your credit card information to do online transactions. To make matters worse, they can use your identity to conduct illegal business and terrorist activities.

There is a lot of peace of mind for the traders who have signed up with 10-Capital because they know their information is in safe hands. Through 256-bit encryption, 10-Capital ensures that all of your information remains secret and hidden from the snoopers. In addition to that, 10-Capital is fully licensed and registered to provide its services in many countries of the world. You can put your trust in a broker with ease when you know it is regulated. The seriousness to security is not limited to the funds you put in your account or the information you provide on the website.

In fact, you will notice that the broker has done all it can to ensure that only fair people trade on its platform and only fairly. Anyone who tries to use someone else’s information can get their account sealed instantly. In addition to that, you are required to use the same account information for withdrawing your money that you have used for depositing funds in your account. These policies are there to ensure that no one is using the platform for money laundering purposes.

So, you know at this point that you should not have any fears regarding the legality of this company. The other important factors that you need to pay attention to are coming in the review.

Lots of Assets and Asset Classes

From the asset index, you can have a clear estimate that 10-Capital is a huge broker. You are not dealing with a small broker that compels you to use only one of the very few assets available on the platform. There are not many assets that you will not find for trading when you have an account with this company. First, the assets that you can trade come from five different asset classes i.e. cryptocurrencies, forex currency pairs, indices, commodities, and stocks. Within these asset classes, you have hundreds of assets that you can choose for trading purposes.

Trading forex currencies is easy with 10-Capital because you can do it from the same platform that you use for trading other CFDs. The important thing to know here is that you have some of the most stable currency pairs as well as rare currency pairs available for you to trade. So, if you are looking at trading some stable currencies, you have options such as the USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD etc. Within the minor currency pairs, you have many other options available from different countries of the world. Of course, you have to keep volatility in mind when you are trading the minor currency pairs.

There are quite a few indices available for you to trade, which also include the big names such as FTSE, DAX, NASDAQ, etc. Your options are not limited even when you are trading commodities. There are lots of varieties of commodities available as well. If you like precious metals, you can trade silver, gold, platinum, palladium, etc. However, if you like soft commodities, you have coffee, cocoa, wheat, corn, and other similar options available as well. In short, you have a lot of opportunities for diversifying your portfolio if that is something you are aiming for as an experienced investor.

Not to mention, 10-Capital has also brought cryptocurrencies at the disposal of its traders. Now, if you are interested in the cryptocurrencies market, you can trade some of the major cryptocurrencies as well. These cryptocurrencies are here to stay and you can go long or short on your position when trading them on the trading platform.

In addition to the assets and asset classes, you also want to know how good the conditions of trading are. There are many brokers that can offer you the same number of assets or even more. However, the issue is that they don’t create the perfect conditions for the traders to trade these assets. Think about huge spreads that prevent you from trading any asset. A spread is the price different of an asset when you are selling it and when you are purchasing it. You will often purchase an asset at a higher price than you will sell it for. That’s the price difference that’s called spread.

Some brokers make your life as a trader difficult by making the spreads big. When the spreads are huge, a lot of money is going out of your pocket for conducting a trade. You cannot make a lot of money even from your profitable trades because you have already lost a lot of margin in the spread. 10-Capital is user friendly in this regard. The spreads are extremely tight i.e. they are small. Tight spreads mean that the difference between the price of the asset when you sell it and when you purchase it is very little. A small price difference means that you will be benefitting the most from your trade rather than your broker walking away with all the profit.

The other important thing you need for your trades is the leverage. Leverage amplifies the amount of money you own and allows you to control big trades. It is more like a credit that comes from your broker so you can conduct big trades. Let’s say a trade requires you to have at least $25,000 in your account but all you have in your account is $2,500. In this case, your broker will provide you leverage which will allow you to control this trade with the same amount in your account. You don’t have to bring the rest of the money from elsewhere as it will now be available to you in the form of leverage.

Choosing and Managing an Account

Once you are sure that 10-Capital is the right broker for you, the next big step is to pick an account and sign up with it. There are many different accounts that you can choose one from. The reason why brokers offer so many different types of accounts is because they are taking into account the different type of traders. As someone who is coming into the trading world for the first time, you want to keep your risks to minimum. You might not be willing to deposit a lot of funds in your account because you are not supposed to conduct huge trades.

You can only conduct big trades when you are fully sure of the outcomes. So, for someone who will be executing small trades, he/she needs only a small amount of money in their account. That’s what the basic accounts are for. 10-Capital has a couple of basic account types for you to choose one from. Choose the right type of account and start trading with a very small initial deposit. On the other hand, you will have to make a bigger deposit to activate your account if it is an advanced one. Advanced accounts require big deposits because they are meant for experienced traders who understand their risks and have a better understanding of the outcome of their trades.

The numbers of signals you receive in a day can change based on the type of account you choose. Signals are there to help the traders make profitable trades. Signals, as is clear from the name, are like hints that tell you whether you should be going short or long on a trade. There is a lot of analysis that backs each signals and that’s why signals are not available for free in most cases. With basic accounts, you might get only one signal a day. On the other hand, you might have an unlimited access to signals if you go with an advanced account. Aside from the different types of accounts, you have to look into the deposits and withdrawals as well.

The best of the brokers in the world will do all they can to make the withdrawal of money and depositing of funds easy for the traders. What does it mean by ease of depositing and withdrawing money? First, you want your broker to give you lots of options for depositing funds in your account. If you are not comfortable with credit cards, you should be able to send funds in your account using wire transfer. If you are not even comfortable with that, you should be able to use many e-payment options. 10-Capital offers all of these payment options and proves that it wants to make things easy for its traders.

In a similar fashion, you have lots of payment options available when it comes to withdrawing the money from your account. You will have to visit the website to see to find out what the limits are on your withdrawals and deposits. You can also use the website to find out how long it takes to process the withdrawals and deposits.

The Ease of Use of the Trading Platform

Believe it or not, the most important thing in trading on the internet is the type of platform you are using. Your trading platform is like the bridge that connects you with the financial markets and even your broker. The experience of using the platform should be smooth. The first thing you expect from today’s trading platforms is that they should be useable by different types of users. Traders are now on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A trading platform that works only on desktop computers is missing out on millions of people who only use portable devices for trading.

Furthermore, the transition from one device to another device should be smooth too. There are two ways brokers can provide a smooth transition to their traders. First, they can create a separate version of the platform for mobile users. These are mobile applications that provide complete market access, integration of trading tools, and the ability to trade on them. The other option is to make the platform web-based i.e. one has to open the website to access the platform. In this particular case, the trader does not have to download any files on his/her computer or device. Each type of platform has its pros and cons, but the good thing is that you get both from them.

Trading platforms should also be user-friendly. If you are a new trader, you want your focus to be on learning trading. You don’t want to do extra effort on learning the platform alone. It can be overkill when you have to learn trading and the trading platform as the same time. The best platform is easy to understand and there is no learning curve involved. You just look at the platform and know which options you have to click on for what purposes. One of the most important things that platforms have to ensure is the speed of information updates. All the information about the financial markets should update in near real-time on trading platforms.

You can expect the best trading platform features when you sign up with 10-Capital. You get help with your trades in the form of trading tools. Furthermore, the platform is fast so the information updates on it quickly and in near real-time. Moreover, you can use this platform on any device you want. If you are someone who prefers to trade on the go, you will not be disappointed with the mobile iteration of the trading platform from them.

The In-depth Training

Of course, no expert will ever recommend you to jump into the trading career without some knowledge of the basics. You have enough training material available from 10-Capital before you start trading. It starts with the basics of trading, and then covers all the important topics within the trading category. You must know that the way forex currency pairs work is completely different from how the stock markets work. When it comes to forex currency pairs, it is often the conditions of the countries that affect their rates and the foreign relations of the countries. On the other hand, stocks are associated with companies. The economy of the country might not be in the best condition but if the company is flourishing, the price of the stock will increase.

These are just the basics of the trading world. There are many other factors involved, but you can only understand them when you receive proper education. That’s why most of the online brokers have started to compile training material for the traders as well. 10-Capital has an in-depth course for you as a new and experienced trader. If you want to know the basics of trading, you can go for the basic course. However, if you are an experienced trader, you can definitely take advantage of the advanced trading strategies that are discussed in the advanced training material.

It is up to you how you choose to learn. If you like text-only content, you are better off reading the ebooks. However, if you want to learn things quickly and start trading as soon as possible, you have video-based learning option as well. You can also attend the webinars that come as a part of the training. Attend the webinars, listen to the experts of the industry, and ask them questions at the end of the webinars to clear your confusions.

Customers Issues and Their Resolutions

The last thing you have to look at to decide whether a broker is good or not is the customer support. It does not matter how comprehensive and complete the system of a broker is, traders will always face some problems during their careers. Sometimes, these issues are technical and related to the trading platform whereas at other times, these issues can be related to the online accounts. Are you able to contact 10-Capital instantly when you have an issue? Of course, 10-Capital has given you not one or two, but many ways to contact the company to have your issue resolved. You can get in touch with the company using email, website contact us form, phone, and live chat.

You will also admire the fact that company has done a great job at selecting the right people to serve you. These people talk to you politely and listen to your issue before offering you a solution. They are there to help you through emails, on the phone, and through the live chat 24/5. If you are not in a hurry and need information about generic problems, you also have a detailed FAQs section on the 10-Capital website that does a great job of providing answers to almost all the general and common questions from the traders.

Final Thoughts

So, you should have had your doubts cleared at this point. Yes, online brokers definitely like to make big claims about their service, but things should be different for you now that you read about 10-Capital in such detail. There is no doubt that the broker is doing its best to bring solid security and trading features to its traders. You should not have any complaints about the trading platform because of how complete it is. Furthermore, the broker has made it easy for you to open your first trading account with a very small first initial deposit to activate your basic account. Tight spreads help you make big profits from your trades and a top-notch customer support is there to help you with any concern. In the end, the claims of being best are not limited to words from the broker. You can safely say that 10-Capital is one of the best online brokers.


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