When under the mattress simply isn’t good enough any more

When stock markets plummet and the word recession starts to be bandied about, it’s only natural to start questioning your financial options. Add to this uncertainty the very unpredictable job market, and one can be left feeling like the only option is to stuff what savings you have right under the nearest mattress. But is this really the best bet when it comes to managing your money? Yes, you might know exactly where it is and exactly how much of it there is, but just like a seed that never sees the daylight, the chance of your money ever growing is pretty much zero. So, how do we go about not only protecting, but growing our very fragile wealth portfolios?

Firstly, it’s very important to remember one simple truth – every single day that your money sits in the bank, is a day that it’s actually costing you money. “Your funds will give you absolutely no returns sitting tucked away in your bank account, in fact, it’s safe to say that you’re losing money with each day that passes,” Says Daniel Kibel, Director of CM Trading, an award-winning online trading company with a reputation for their out-of-the-box approach to investment opportunities. So, whatever direction you decide to take, it’s really better than the one your money is headed in right now. Instead of letting your money slowly but surely deplete in a bank account, why not consider investing it, because although it might be risky, it could potentially be the beginning of big things for your cash flow.

You may feel that you don’t have enough funds to make a substantial investment, but this shouldn’t be something that stops you says Kibel. “Although you may only have a small amount to invest, take some time, do some research and decide on your own personal level of risk. No amount is too big or too small, the important thing is to make sure you’re armed with adequate knowledge about what you’re investing in.”

Investing is not to be taken lightly and is often fraught with pitfalls for both professionals and part time novices. Mistakes are sometimes made, but if you are careful, and learn from them as you go, you will become better equipped for success each step of the way moving forward. The one thing that we all can agree on is that nobody has all the answers. There will always be an unexpected turn of events. From government policies, to political unrest, to war, famine, even political changes across the ocean; the only certainty is uncertainty. So why do we even try and predict the future? We can’t, but we can take responsibility for our own financial future and learn how to trade and invest our own money.

It’s really important to seek independence when it comes to managing our own wealth. Stockbrokers always predict that stocks will go up… bond brokers predict rising bonds… property experts forecast fantastic property increases, but their advice is certainly not impartial, so now is the time to start your own investment journey, to be in charge of your own money. Be wary of what people around you are saying, especially if they start telling you how much money they made in a specific fund. Just like the Vegas high rollers, people often only brag about their wins, but remember, if a “quick fix” investment sounds too good to be true then that’s exactly what it is – too good to be true.  Your financial plan is your investment blueprint that should be constructed in such a way that you’re comfortable with its strength during difficult market cycles, which are completely normal, with the agility to tap into opportunities when they present themselves.

Kibel offers two tips for potential investors. Firstly, concentrate on what you know and understand. Whether it be trading the dollar against the rand or dabbling in gold, for example, go for something that interests you. Secondly, and this is especially pertinent for those new to investing, it may be a good idea to adopt a “copycat” approach. This is the ability to copy traders from all over the world. Choose to research their trading history and follow their patterns. Many online trading companies, CM Trading being one of them, offer copycat programmes as part of their service, which could offer the perfect way for you to get your foot in the door.

Knowledge truly is power, and when it comes to investing, the power is ultimately in your knowledge. It really doesn’t matter how you do it; whether it’s investment in stocks, bonds, options or real estate. Maybe a small business or a selection of assets – the objective is always the same, to make an investment that will grow your financial nest egg. Take hold of the steering wheel firmly and drive the future you dream of, by learning, researching and taking advantage of every tool available out there that allows you to master your money. It’s an old, but extremely relevant adage that you must gain control over your money, or the lack of it will forever control you.

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