The Top Caribbean Islands to Move To

Are you sick of winters? Does the summer season feel way too short each year, and you long for the kind of lifestyle where you can spend the majority of your time outdoors? Are you trying to figure out a way you can slow things down and enjoy a more relaxed pace to life? If these are the questions you’ve been asking yourself then it may be time to entertain the idea of moving to the Caribbean, more specifically the Grand Cayman Islands. The Caribbean Islands are made up of stunning and gorgeous destinations, all of which have their own personality, charm, culture, cuisine, and lifestyle.

With that said, there are a few islands that are traditionally seen as very popular places for people to move to. Let’s take a closer look.


Grand Cayman real estate agents can confirm that one of the most attractive aspects of moving to Aruba is that it’s not part of the hurricane belt, unlike so many other Caribbean Islands. This means you should be lucky and miss the majority of the major storms. Not only is the island beautiful, has stunning beaches, and a friendly-culture, but it’s also becoming a tech start-up hub within the Caribbean.

Cayman Islands

Seen as a real estate tax haven, the Cayman Islands are able to blend Caribbean living with all the conveniences of modern city living. You’ll find all the amenities of home here, and some rather glamorous and lavish real estate to choose from. It’s also a great destination for those who love beach life and snorkelling.

St. Kitts

St. Kitts is often seen as one of the more untouched of the Grand Cayman Caribbean Islands, but in the past few years, it has started to go through some pretty big development projects. With that said there is still a lot of serene real estate with untouched beauty to discover. This island is perfect for nature lovers who want to slow down the pace of life.

The British Virgin Islands

If real estate isn’t of interest and you’re the type that has dreams of spending a whole lot of time on the water, or better yet, living on a boat, then the British Virgin Islands could be right for you. These islands are seen as the best destination for sailing in all of the Caribbean, which means you’ll be able to spend plenty of time on the water and even live in your boat at the dock.

Connect with a Local Real Estate Agent

No matter which of the Caribbean Islands you decide to move to, one very useful tip is to connect with a local real estate agent as soon as possible. Take, for example, Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Realty, which specialises in Grand Cayman real estate. They know the Cayman area extremely well, understand house values and market trends, and can help direct you to the best deals on the market and the properties that would meet your needs.

Enjoy Life in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are not only a beautiful place to move to, but they offer a totally different style, quality, and pace of life which many real estate investors embrace with open arms.

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