Stock Trading 101: How to Invest Your Money Wisely on the Stock Market

Stock trading is one of the best ways to earn wealth.

The internet has made it easy to invest in stock because it can all be done from your phone or computer. Because of this, many aspiring investors are starting to put their money into the stock market.

However, most people aren’t sure of what to do to start investing. This often causes them to lose money because of improper trading techniques. The stock market is a powerful income tool, but you’ll need to know how to invest wisely.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about investing in this stock trading 101 guide.

Open an Investing Account

The first thing you’ll need to do when you start online stock trading is open an investing account. These are accounts where you can buy and sell stocks, look at charts, and invest in retirement options.

There are a variety of online brokers for beginners, all with unique benefits. For example, Robinhood is simple to use but offers little to no tools, whereas TD Ameritrade has advanced analytics. It won’t hurt to create an account on several platforms to see what you like.

If you’re interested in practicing, you can find a broker that offers paper trading accounts. Paper trading accounts come with a fake sum of money that you can use to trade as if it were real money. This would allow you to learn how to use a platform and more about trading.

When you’ve made your account, you can start transferring money to it. This money can then be used to purchase investments. Most brokers will allow you to use funds that you’ve deposited before they clear, so you won’t have to wait several days to start trading.

Investment Options

After you’ve created an investing account, the next thing you can do is look at your investment options. Larger brokers typically offer much more than stocks, such as crypto, options, index funds, and mutual funds.

Here’s some info about the main things that people trade:


Stocks are partial-ownership of a company that is offered to investors. Investors can purchase stocks that they think will go up in value. Whenever a company starts earning more revenue, the value of the company goes up, causing stock prices to go up.


Cryptocurrency is a newer form of exchange that’s recently gotten popular with the rise of BitCoin. Cryptocurrency acts as digital currency, and its value is always fluctuating due to inconsistent supply and demand.


Option trading allows investors to pay a down payment towards a stock at a certain price. This can be beneficial to those that aren’t sure of how a stock will play out it in the future.

For example, you can pay $10 now to buy a sum of stocks at $50 later on. If those stocks were to rise to $70, you can purchase them for $50 and earn a $20 profit.

Index & Mutual Funds

Index funds and mutual funds are essentially the same things, but they operate differently. Both of these funds are used by people that don’t want to spend much time researching and investing.

Each index fund contains a group of stocks that average a certain return rate each year. These values will automatically increase over time, and stocks will be removed from the index if they don’t perform well.

Investing in a mutual fund puts your money into the hands of professional investors that will handpick stocks to get an average return rate.

Understand What You’re Trading

The most important to know when it comes to trading for beginners is to understand what you’re trading. You shouldn’t create an investing account and invest money in Tesla just because you think Elon Musk is cool.

Instead, start researching various industries and find something that you enjoy. This is best done by choosing something that you already have a base understanding of. For example, if you like technology, you could start researching some of the largest tech companies, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

This allows you to learn how the market moves when these companies launch new products or get deals with other companies. A company like Tesla has a volatile stock that changes every time Elon makes a tweet, but beginners wouldn’t know this.

Have Patience

Aside from knowing what you’re trading, you’ll have to keep in mind that you will not become a millionaire overnight. Investing is meant to be a long-term plan for those who would like to earn wealth over several years.

Unless you get into day trading, which is the buying and selling of stocks within a day, you won’t be able to earn a ton of money when you start. Day trading also requires you to have $25,000 in your investing account, so you’ll need to build towards that.

The best way to start investing is to put money towards something and continuously add to it. You’ll want to build your portfolio so that you have several investments instead of one. Investing in only one company can hurt your portfolio because you could suffer from massive losses.

Stock Trading 101: Start Investing Now

Everyone should invest because it will earn you more money than a savings account would, and you’ll learn more about how the business world works. Providing that you invest smart, you’ll come out on top with extra wealth and eventually earn a passive income.

This stock trading 101 article gives you everything you need to know about investing, so start trading now. You should start by researching industries that you like, then consider what kind of things you’ll invest in.

There are stocks, cryptocurrency, options, index funds, and mutual funds. Any of these can help you build wealth, but we recommend starting with stocks. If you don’t enjoy keeping up with the market, you can opt for index or mutual funds.

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