Five Significant Industry Sectors: How They Are Economically Helping the World?

In early October 2020, the five top industry sectors included healthcare, technology, construction, retail, and manufacturing (apparel, electricity, and fuel). These sectors are helping the world economically in employment growth with higher demands in each sector, despite the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturns. One reason for continuous growth in the industry is the investors are buying stock shares in companies they believe are profitable or have the most potential.

Brokers and investment firms have a list of thousands of startups and businesses available on the OTC markets to purchase and sell. OTC stock Weatherford International, a Houston-based oilfield service company, listed as OTCMKTS WFTLF, does not offer shares on NYSE or NASDAQ. The company, like other business stocks, doesn’t meet the requirements to sell on major stock exchanges. For this reason, these securities have a higher risk compared to stocks listed on exchanges, including stocks, mutual funds, and other financial instruments.

Some risks may include scamming, loss of capital, and fraud. Investors can find additional information on risks and the rules for trading and investing in securities online and through a broker. is a reliable site to receive ratings on OTC markets and major stock exchange listings and recommendations on whether to buy, sell, or hold stocks. For example, a Wall Street analyst recommended investors sell their stock shares the first week in March and predicts the stock will underperform in the market.

How to Purchase Shares of Stock

In the 21st century, technology is making it possible for traders to invest online using platforms for buying and selling. Many of the investment platforms have beneficial tools to manage accounts, review charts, recent stock news, and trade. Brokers charge commission fees on various sites, while others may offer the service free to trade over-the-counter shares. Investors must open an account and deposit the required cash to trade online, ranging from $5 and up.

What Is a Stock Share?

A stock or stock share is a financial instrument or document of a company issued to its shareholders after a purchase of shares. The instruments represent part ownership in the organization, which may pay dividend payouts to its investors. An investor may select dividend stocks to receive additional income or to reinvest and increase his or her equity account.

Top Five Growing Industry Sectors in 2020

1. Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector continues to help the world recover from economic downturns and crises since the coronavirus pandemic. Medical advancement and investors contributed to the sector’s growth which is booming in 2021. From 2016 to 2026, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts employment to grow in healthcare at an annual rate of 18%.

2. Technology Sector

The bureau predicts growth in the IT and computer sectors in the technology industry will reach eleven percent from 2019 to 2029. The demand for employees is rising for collection, data storage, and secured information in cloud computation. Growth continues to expand because other sectors in the industry need technology, including healthcare, transportation, energy, and others.

3. Construction Sector

Growth is in the contractor, civil engineering, and residential/commercial builder sectors in the construction industry. Economists expect the overall construction sector to grow by four percent over a ten-year span beginning in 2019. Several factors influencing growth are an increase in population and an increased demand for improved roads and new buildings.

4. Retail Trade

Retail represents 5.5 percent of the US GDP, yielding 9.6 percent of the employment total. The sector supports one in four available jobs in the nation and 52 million working adolescents and adults.

5. Manufacturing (Gasoline, Apparel, and Electricity)

The gasoline, apparel, and electricity sectors of the manufacturing industry produce products that have a lifespan of fewer than three years. The Federal Reserve of the United States reports the sector added almost five percent of the nation’s GDP and employs approximately 4.4 million workers.

All five of the industry sectors listed above are helping world economies by increasing employment after many small businesses closed during the pandemic. Investors have a role to play in the growth of national economies around the globe. Healthcare and technology are the most demanding industry sectors because both rely on each other for services and products.


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