Xiaomi Shows Off Remote Wireless Charging Technology

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has unveiled an over-the-air wireless charging system which is able to charge multiple devices remotely at the same time within a radius of several meters.

The 5W charging system, named Mi Air Charge Technology, uses an isolated charging pile that has antennas capable of detecting a smartphone’s location and transmitting millimeter-wide waves to it. The phone is able to transform the millimeter-wide waves into electric power with the help of its in-built miniaturized antenna array and rectifier circuit, Xiaomi said in a statement on Friday.

Based on the working principle, Xiaomi’s new technology can ensure wireless charging will not be affected even if a user is holding a smartphone that needs to be charged walking about the room. This is in contrast to traditional wireless charging that works with phones needing to be placed on charging pads, according to the statement.

Xiaomi said that the Mi Air Charge Technology will be able to work with wearable devices and intelligent home products like smart speakers and lamps, although they did not specify when the technology might be available to consumers.

California-based startup Energous has also developed a technology that enables both contact-based and over-the-air wireless charging for small electronic devices in an ecosystem that ensures interoperability.

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