Indonesia’s Aquaculture Startup eFishery Appoints Former GoPay CEO As New Commissioner

Indonesian aquaculture startup eFishery has roped in former GoPay CEO Aldi Haryopratomo as its commissioner,
per an announcement.

Haryopratomo joined GoPay in December 2017 and has helmed it to become one of the largest e-wallets in the

In his current role, Haryopratomo will help the firm reach one million farmers over the next three years, improve
their livelihood, and create the required socio-economic impact through the aquaculture ecosystem, said eFishery
CEO & co-founder Gibran Huzaifah.

“He has extensive experience and expertise in developing products and building companies that target MSMEs,
rural communities, and the informal sector to have an impact on a massive scale, like those on Mapan and GoPay,
which have touched millions of users,” Huzaifah added.

Established in 2013 by Huzaifah and other co-founders Chrisna Aditya and Ihsan Akhirulsyah, eFishery provides
integrated services, starting from farming operations, and financing to distribution. The startup secured an
undisclosed amount in its Series B round from Go-Venture and Northstar Group in August 2020.

Haryopratomo’s appointment as a commissioner was a natural evolution of the two entrepreneurs’ long-standing
relationship. First, they met in 2015 at Endeavor Entrepreneur program, wherein Huzaifah claims to have seen
Haryopratomo as someone who has a vision aligned with eFishery’s ambition.

Haryopratomo association with the burgeoning startup ecosystem dates back to establishing RUMA (Rekan Usaha
Mikro Anda) in 2009, which is now better-known as Mapan. This startup was set up to help women in rural areas with
low income, thereby helping them improve the quality of life.

Mapan was acquired by Gojek in 2017.

“The first time I met Gibran, eFishery hadn’t even raised its Series A funding. Every time I visit villages where
eFishery operates, I can feel the deep trust between farmers and the eFishery team. eFishery’s strong grassroots
culture has not changed since its early days, and I find it extremely inspiring,” Haryopratomo said.

Last year, eFishery claimed its revenue had quadrupled from 2019. In 2021, eFishery is targeting to launch an
integrated Smart Farming Solution service specifically designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of shrimp

Existing backers of eFishery include Aqua Sparks, Wavemaker Partners, InnoVen Capital, Triputra Group, 500
Startups, and Unreasonable Capital.

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