FA Global BK Finance Ltd. Signs Joint Ownership of Bogo Hub Deals and New Approach Trading CC 2020 of South Africa

FA Global BK Finance Ltd. (registered under Financial Conduct Authority UK)) privately invested in a joint venture with New Approach Trading CC 2020 in South Africa in September, allowing both companies to jointly own the IP mobile voucher platform, Bogo Hub Deals.

Bogo deals, launching a voucher service, is a new app that allows consumer brands and retailers to create advertising and digital presence in the backend, enables consumers to interact with their favorite restaurants or retailers via the new Bogo “Free Buy”. For special merchandise, merchants can provide direct access to customers offline.

Its main function is to receive and provide requests for real-time prepaid vouchers / regular vouchers / pin creation from mobile or website. It includes a management console for customers and accounts, a voucher database and distribution system.

An official from the company said, “this app enables social networking, allowing consumers to post and share their own posts using social media accounts. With its location-based-service where new technologies are applied, it is expected to attract attention from many consumers by exposing advertisements to customers and providing a service spotting the most suitable retailer based on location”.

On the other hand, FA Global BK Finance the group has recently received attention for launching its own mainnet (main network, which is used to build an independent ecosystem rather than an existing platform)-based blockchain platform. On top of its acquisition of Blockshield.finance, a decentralized fintech service, the company has announced that its product line and brand are continuously strengthened through Bogo Hub Deals, a consumer voucher platform forementioned, to increase its competitive advantage and expand the group to new regions.

Media Contact

Company Name: FA Global BK Finance Ltd.

Contact Person: F.R Khan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+44)7497303701

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.bogo-deals.com/

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