The South African Cuckoo Clock They Forget to Wind Up

The South African Cuckoo Clock They Forget to Wind Up

Some time ago I was compelled to write an article about the stat of South Africa called “A Rose in the Garden of Corruption.” The foundation and motivation for this work was the Zuma regime at that time and the obvious blatant abuse of power by political and related entities.

As we approach the forthcoming general elections in 2019, I have been forced to look at the conditions in which we are living within this country of opportunity today. It remains under the reign of the African National Congress (ANC), I submit primarily by misplaced loyalties, self-gain, and populace ignorance. However, there have been changes, crucially with the election of a new President named Cyril Ramaphosa!

The question being asked by many South Africans in all walks of life remains the same. It relates to how their lifestyles have changed and if they have improved, deteriorated or remained the same as they have done for centuries. African and other politicians have been recognised and proven worldwide to be self-serving, no matter what fancy talk they use to disguise it or the promises they make.

Following the demise of former President Zuma, Mr. Ramaphosa was welcomed by many in South Africa as a new and shining light. He was the star of the African Universe the saviour who was going to take this country into a new and prosperous era for all! Of course, populations across the globe have heard all this before but such was the desperation of all South Africans, it was accepted with joy and they expectantly waited for which some believed was the impossible.

The enemy within

The believers in Cyril Ramaphosa were primarily the average citizens, clutching at this straw that was going to save their country from declining into obscurity. The new President, however, was inheriting a nest of ANC reptiles, including the “Zumarites” who saw the beginning of the end for their highly profitable political enterprises.

It raised a question as to who in his immediate ruling circle the new President depends upon. As a betrayed and abused public bayed for revenge and justice against Zuma and his acolytes, a Parliamentary hearing took place, designed to apportion blame and reveal the full extent of “State Capture.” Questions were naturally asked why those politicians and others implicated in the Zuma saga were not brought to book. On that score, the allies of Zuma and allegedly his co-conspirators, the Gupta family, took the opportunity presented to them by arguably unwilling and negligent policing, to quickly depart for far-off lands, presumably with the loot!

The “loot” relates to the billions of RSA-Rands filtered brazenly from State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and other government sources. The overall picture presented to Mr. Ramaphosa, himself an astute businessman, was one of a country locked in a pre-determined cultural time-warp. It was founded on the degradation of the country and reverence for leaders who in effect gained respect and acclaim from their corruptive practices.

The Cuckoo Clock has stopped

This is the year 2018 for most of the world but in South Africa whilst we have the cuckoos, the leaders of this poor country have forgotten to wind their clocks. Life for millions of the population remains the impoverished same, despite many big promises. South Africans have become amazingly Big Talkers but when it comes to action, the will seems sadly lacking.

Naturally, there is a minority population, which we can call the “Yuppies” who are happy and living in their own little worlds where the Cuckoo Clocks work. Of course, they are suffering to a degree from rising costs and being unable to change their SUVs so frequently but within their gated security complexes environments they carry on as though there is no tomorrow, which is a primary issue for Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa!

Hearings but no Listening

The South African political system or ANC has in an attempt to appease an ever-growing critical population introduced various Parliamentary Enquiries into bones of contention, such as State Capture. Many of those either directly or remotely involved in these misdeeds have come forward voluntarily or been coerced into giving their versions of any part they played in this Zuma – Gupta charade.
Naturally, being politically motivated and protected, they have generally expressed their loyalty to the cause, their innocence and popularly the fact that they were unaware of what was happening!

The latest in a long line of Finance Ministers, Nene, was caught out blatantly lying about his association with the Gupta family and tendered his resignation. Obviously, he had forced himself to live with his guilt for a number of years in the interest of serving the country, and no doubt himself for as long as possible. In the main, the South African public has simply wondered if and when any politico involved in these wrongdoings will ever serve time in jail.

The sceptics consider it unlikely because of a possible chain reaction should they take revenge and spill the proverbial beans. This has resulted in again, much talk and arguably, selective hearing but as usual, the government is ignoring that essential ability called listening. Another way of putting it could be that its ANC business as usual and to hell with the voting population who are mainly too busy trying to survive!

The Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen?

The Members of the South African Parliament meet regularly to discuss, review or debate the affairs and issues of governance. There is a façade of dignity and determined procedures with forms of address between the Members, one of which, many of the voting population may find contradictory!

“Honourable” is a globally recognised term relating to a person of exemplary character who displays the utmost integrity and courage within the various aspects of their lives. This type of person is regarded as being an example by their words and actions that have value and set an example for all to follow.
During the Parliamentary sessions, it is obligatory for the Members to show dignity, courtesy and respect for the proceedings by addressing each other during any interaction between them as the “Honourable member.”
No further comment is necessary on this point, is it?

The new South African perspective

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been full of optimism for the opportunities that exist in his country. Perhaps to an extent, they have been dampened by the issues of unemployment increasing and job creation decreasing. Also by the lack of motivation shown by foreign entities in not rushing to invest in this ANC created world of development and potential wealth. Perhaps one aspect that the President is trying to ignore is that his governing body is still significantly influenced by members of the previous corrupt Zuma regime. It is to the extent that allegations have been made regarding meetings between government entities and Zuma! Food for thought and which does nothing to nullify foreign perspectives that this could be yet another “dodgy” African country.

Corruption is a way of life

When we listen to or view the variety of international news broadcasters, it becomes obvious that corruption, especially political is not confined to South Africa; far from it! However, what is also apparent is that this is a country afraid of the present and the future; taking refuge in its moment-of-time glory 20-plus years ago. It was a time that reflected the huge potential of South Africa and the foreign support it could have enjoyed and prospered from.

Today, we see a population that is mainly uneducated, which is ruled by a self-serving and largely ignorant government that has adopted corrupt practices and who are still reaping the rewards from it. Although we are still living in the garden of corruption; unfortunately the Rose is no longer a part of it!

Next year, in 2019, the general elections will be held. This should be great news and an opportunity to rid ourselves of the corrupt political scourge that has brought South Africa to its economic knees. BUT, looking objectively at the main opposition party to the ANC, the Democratic Alliance (DA), for many voters the choice is not clear cut. Contaminated by in-party hostilities and influenced by opportunist politicians, this primarily “Yuppie” oriented party has lost the positive momentum it had initially promised.

With an apparent weak leadership, designed to show its diversity, the DA has shown itself to be not only opportunistic but without the inherent manipulative capabilities and know-how of the ANC. Yes, we may deride and accuse the Zuma gang of destroying this wonderful country but who allowed them to get away with it? The answer lies with the opposition parties like the Democratic Party and an uninformed, misinformed, uncaring and self-centred voting public.

South Africans, if you don’t set your cuckoo clock alarms for 2019, nobody else will do it for you!

Brett Kincaide
Brett Kincaide

Brett Kincaide:

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