Top Bitcoin Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2021

The social networking giant that popularized #hashtags has since been embraced as the de facto knowledge exchange site by the cryptocurrency group.

Over the past few years, digital currency discussion on Twitter has grown from a tiny corner of the internet to thousands of accounts with millions of followers. You must know experts like Tone Vays, today we’ll highlight other influencers to follow.

The vast explosion of think leading, news, memes, and more than Crypto Twitter has brought to the industry is invaluable, but determining which accounts to follow can be daunting.

Twitter users searching for their crypto fix can definitely check out these top accounts to follow.

Anthony Pompliano @APompliano

If you have spent even a minute on cryptocurrency Twitter, you have probably come across Pomp’s handle. Pomp has made a reputation for himself as one of the early and most influential figures of Bitcoin evangelism, often appearing at blockchain conventions and on shows such as CNBC. After the uncertainty in Bitcoin, pomp has moved to other cryptocurrencies.

Erik Voorhees @ErikVorhees

Vorhees is a crypto OG in the truest meaning of the word, having been a “crypto-preneur” possibly long before you ever heard of Bitcoin. Erik has been active with several cryptocurrency companies, most notably as the CEO of ShapeShift.

Ty Daniel Smith @TyDanielSmith

Ty Daniel Smith is the Managing Director of Coinbound and has established some of the most successful businesses in the industry (Cosmos, Voyager, and eToro to name a few). His material is very useful for those interested in becoming active in crypto entrepreneurship.

Tone Vays @ToneVays

Tone has over 200k fans on Twitter and has been the epicenter of crypto trading. Vays already has a well-known YouTube channel.

CryptoCobain @CryptoCobain

Cryptocobain, the self-proclaimed creator of Crypto Twitter, specializes in-jokes and posting memes. He considers himself as the King of Twitter crypto memes.

Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin

Vitalik Buterin is not an “influencer” in the context that content production is his primary priority. Regardless, when this man talks, citizens pay attention.

The blockchain visionary is better recognized for creating Ethereum, the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization behind Bitcoin. If you can keep up with this man’s intellect, you can gain insight into one of the most creative minds in the cryptocurrency community.

CryptoWendyO @CryptoWendyO

CryptoWendyO has been in the industry for a long time, and her content represents this degree of expertise. She is a huge fan of crypto trading material and shares her thoughts on the latest TA trends on a regular basis.

Girl Gone Crypto @Girlgone Crypto

It is very impressive how this girl continues to bring out such excellent Twitter material on a regular basis. Girl Gone Crypto is unquestionably the best crypto Twitter influencer to track.

Euclid and Oaks @EuclidAndOaks + @CryptoEuclid + @Mysticaloaks

Nobody ever claimed crypto Twitter had to be taken seriously because these guys sure do not believe that. Euclid and Oaks’ stories are not to be missed.

John McAfee @officialmcafee

When the billionaire is not evading kidnappers, avoiding political punishment, or island hopping in the Caribbean, John McAfee provides some very in-depth study of cryptocurrency growth.

David Gokhshtein @davidgokhshtein

The adage “jack of all trades, master of none” does not seem to refer to David. With his well-researched web publication,, political engagement, and a Twitter account that puts others to shame, it is no surprise that the Gokhshtein brand is getting more significant by the day.

Justin Sun @justinsuntron

Following Justin on Twitter is more about following a regular email marketing list than anything else, but his handle carries a lot of weight in the Tron culture.

Ivan on Tech @IvanOnTech

Though Ivan Liljeqvist is best recognized as one of cryptocurrency’s most famous YouTubers, he also has a rather insightful and instructional Twitter account.

His material, like that of his YouTube channel, focuses primarily on the technological aspects of blockchain and digital currencies.

Kenn Bosak @KennethBosak

The fun-loving podcast and Twitter personality are very engaged and interactive on Twitter. Kenn has a sizable Twitter following of 15k+, 10.5k on YouTube, and 3.5k on Instagram.

CryptoBrekkie @CryptoBrekkie

CryptoBrekkie is the Bitcoin Twitter king. Via his complex, experimental, and creative cryptocurrency artworks, the bitcoin artist has made a reputation for himself.

Scott Melker @ScottMellker

Scott Melker is a well-known figure in the crypto world. He is a businessman as well as a music maker, allowing him access to two very separate cultures.

TheCryptoDog @TheCryptoDog

With 287k+ supporters, The Crypto Dog is one of the most followed accounts in the crypto world.

BitBoy Crypto @Bitboy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto is one of the most well-known crypto influencers in the space, and it is unquestionably an account you should follow.

Dan Held @DanHeld

Dan Held is the Head of Growth at Kraken, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. He formerly worked at Uber and has a long history of operating with some of the most prominent engineering and cryptocurrency firms. His views on Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain usage cases for the future can be found on Twitter.

LayahHeilpern @LayahHeilpern

Layah Heilpern is a well-known cryptocurrency influencer from the United Kingdom. She frequently collaborates with Altcoin Buzz to do interviews with several emerging crypto firms. Her feed contains her opinions on the economy, politics, and other crypto-related topics.

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