Ripple vs. Bitcoin vs. Dagcoin – How to invest?

Ripple vs. Bitcoin vs. Dagcoin – How to invest?

The dominance of regular money and total dependence on it for carrying out transactions seems to have been changed by cryptocurrencies. Visible impediments that regular cash has failed to address in recent years might have erected the spring post of digital currency. The high pace at which the business environment was evolving left much financial vacuum on the part of the regular money. And since business is mostly done online, the digital currency has to step in to bridge the financial void left by the regular money. Today, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Dagcoin seemed to have eclipsed other digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market.

Ripple offers the XRP coin that has won the heart of many users around the world. Its coin shares semblance with Bitcoin but users say it is faster than Bitcoin when used to complete business transactions. The XRP coin which many now call Ripple is safe, quick and easy to use and there is a strong indication that it will soon take over the control of the cryptocurrency market from Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Dagcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Ripple emanated from a private company with a profit mindset. Ripple ranks as the 3rd most popular digital currency in the cryptocurrency market, and you can surely invest in its platform through these methods.

Buying and holding for a long time

Buy Ripple and keep it until its price per unit increases before you sell. Waiting time could be extended but ideal for people who can make a long-term investment. If you want to buy 100 XRP now, you may have to cough out $50. Imagine the profit you will make in six years if a coin of Ripple hits $5. This means that you can get $500 if you invest just $50 and you then make a profit of $450. Such an investment is a huge risk because no one can safely predict the future worth of Ripple in years to come.

Buying and holding Dagcoin is also a good investment option. While the cryptocurrency market has been in a bear cycle since the start of 2018, the recent rally has increased investors interest in the market. By purchasing and holding tokens of promising crypto projects like Dagcoin, you could stand a chance of making a profit once the bull market returns and prices spike to new highs.  

With Startups Or Companies

People don’t usually employ this channel when they want to invest in Ripple. Many projects have popped up in recent time in the cryptocurrency market that will soon catch the attention of people across the globe. Such attraction would birth new, creative and unique ideas on how to manifest brand companies that will revolutionize the cryptocurrency market. Interested parties can then invest in these companies and earn potential revenue. Does it look tricky? Don’t worry because Ripple is centralized and the creators dictate the way the currency is run. All you have to do is look for a startup you think has the capacity to become big and profitable and then, invest. You might have to conduct a study before you can see the right startup to invest in. Buy your own Ripple once you have made your fat share in the investment.

Bitcoin, on its own, is the leader in the cryptocurrency market. Its usage has become very popular across the world as it allows for 24/7 trading like Ripple and Dagcoin. Its increasing popularity means that it is a useful commodity for investment. It could pose some risks too, but if you hit the right button, you can make a considerable profit. Bitcoin investment is quite simple, and you do not need specialized training before you can make the profit of your dream off it. You just have to buy, sell and make your cool profit.

Buying And Selling Of Digital Currency

This method also called cryptocurrency trading has a fantastic return if you know the right time to do it. You just have to buy Bitcoin when its fiat value is low or when there is a tendency for it to increase. You sell your Bitcoin once the price has gone up and you make your profit. Bitcoin, Ripple and Dagcoin investment can be both long-term (investment) and short-term (day trading).

You will need to understand the technical and fundamental analysis of each cryptocurrency and also follow market news, which is usually the drivers behind price movement. What matters here is that you should monitor market events so that you can know the right time to buy your Bitcoin, XRP, or Dagcoin. Just make sure you check changes in political, economic, law, and technology events around the world because they have a significant influence on the market value of Bitcoin. It is necessary that you take your time to analyze the strength and weakness of Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, before you sanction your investment on it. Don’t invest all your resources just because you think you will make a considerable profit. You, like other members of the public, do not know what might happen to the cryptocurrency market in the nearest future.


Dagcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, was introduced to the cryptocurrency market to ease payment, give users more freedom, and curb illegal activities that have continually troubled the money market for many years. It has since then become a digital currency people use all over the world to perfect business transactions. Investment on this cryptocurrency platform can be a massive success once the investor is ready to do the needful. Investing in this cryptocurrency platform is quite easy and straightforward too. Just buy coins and get more people to join the platform.

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