Owning Nothing as Blockchain Art

It was a robust idea to mingling technology like blockchain with art. After the development of blockchain with art, the middleman disappears totally and as a result purchasing or handing over an art becomes comfortable and safe. A buyer can be assured about the owner of the art examining the route of blockchain where it generates if it does not come from the owner, the art likely to be false.

Artists all around the world start using blockchain in their sector. And they are already experiencing many advantages of this technology. Blockchain technology has entered the field of art, and it is being used in the digital art form as well. Due to the new technology, a blockchain digital artist gets benefitted finally, and he or she just makes a deal with this technology like crystal clear.

Blockchain art is becoming popular

Yes. Blockchain art is becoming popular day by day and artists are using this technology in their digital art form as well. Using this technology, it is becoming easier, more powerful and lucid. Besides, many artists around the world are making pieces associated with blockchain. And, their creation also becomes successful too.

Arts depending on Blockchain

Apart from collectibles, freshers (new artists mostly) are using this technology in another way for their artwork. As you are in this arena, you may already have been familiar with ‘Scarab Experiment.’ It indicates a number and combines AI (artificial intelligence) with tokenized ownership to encourage to create artwork. This should come from a total 1000 submission of the same group of members. As an artist, you will get a tradeable token after every submission of your art. Also, you can make a deal with the token you have received.

Blockchain and Art

Numerous works of art do not use blockchain but are using this technology as a part of their encouragement. Recently a bitcoin monument has been publically erected in Kranj, Slovenia. This monument indicates the association of this person with blockchain.

Tracking of your art is easy with blockchain technology

In today’s world, authenticity is a crucial thing to consider. Say, you have purchased art from an artist. After buying, your acquired art may be fake, not authentic. But blockchain technology allows any buyer to ensure that the purchased art is authentic by verifying. So, there is a technology called blockchain art provenance by which you can verify that the art you have purchased is authentic. Otherwise, you will fall into a great loss after purchasing a lot of money.

The process includes:

  • When an artist creates a new art and submit, he will receive a token on a blockchain,
  • After you have purchased the artwork from the artist, you will receive the same token from the seller,
  • You will do the same thing when you think you will sell the piece as well,
  • If a buyer wants to verify the steps, he can do it easily with his blockchain token
  • If the generation of the blockchain token proves that it comes from the creator of the artwork, this piece will be considered to be an authentic one

As all the transactions are displayed publicly, you can easily trace the whole transaction history of specific artwork. Side by side, if you see any disruption in the transactions or the transactions do not follow to originate from the artist of the art, this piece is a fake one.

It vanishes the day’s of middlemen

As everything is crystal clear in the transaction history of the art, no middleman is truly needed for the trade to take place. Any artist receives hundred percent of their sale due to Curio Cards are tied to Ethereum. It also eliminates the artists’ tension of copying their artwork, forgery and similar inconvenience in this field. Besides, as an artist’s card includes on the blockchain, it depends on an artist how many he wants to sell and cost.

Welcome the blockchain art market

The new industry of blockchain opens a full dimension to anybody whether you are an artist, collector, buyer or simply an observer. There are huge opportunities to enter the world of blockchain and thrive.

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