Make money investing in cryptocurrencies. Where to start

It is not unknown to anyone that how to invest in cryptocurrency and make money can be a large and stable source of income. We are talking about digital currencies in continuous growth that are postulated as the form of change of the future. The most used are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and Stellar Lumens

Before starting

The way to make money with cryptocurrencies is the same as it is done in the FOREX market. Buy and sell units based on market fluctuations, although, in this case, their dependence is linked exclusively to supply and demand, and not to macroeconomic factors.

The key to making money with this type of operation is to choose correctly through which platform to carry them out. A bad choice, in addition to putting your earnings at risk, can put the amount invested at risk.

Investcryptocurrency is a safe option to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and it is for compelling reasons. The main one is that it is one of the first companies to be officially registered as a Cryptocurrency Operator through the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority (FIN-FSA), a counterpart to the Spanish CNMV. The strict supervision carried out by this public entity to grant the license is the best guarantee that a user can have when investing their money.

First steps to invest

The first thing to do to start using the platform is to open a free account. For this, and as a control measure that prevents impersonation, it is necessary to validate the identity of the user. This is a common process required by any online banking entity, and it is a very important step to ensure that our money will be in good hands.

Once our account is validated, it is necessary to make a deposit by transfer or card to start shopping. The interface is very comfortable and intuitive: it graphically displays the value of cryptocurrencies in real time with immediate update, and allows you to buy and sell in just a few clicks.

But the platform and the security standards of the company are not the only reasons why investcryptocurrency is the ideal place to buy cryptocurrencies. The speed of action in this type of business is vital, and in investcryptocurrency transactions are made in seconds. On the other hand, it has one of the most competitive exchange rates on the market and offers very interesting discounts for deposits of € 500 or more.

How to make money with cryptocurrencies

Without having to go into complex strategies such as mining, there are several methods with which you can earn money safely.

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, charging your products and services in cryptocurrencies and reselling them is a smart option. The price in cryptocurrencies of what you offer is a fixed value, it does not vary, so you only have to sell them when the exchange is favorable. With proper management of the company’s treasury, profits can be multiplied even with the same sales volume

If you don’t have a business, you can also operate this way. In this case, you must make a previous purchase of bitcoins or another digital currency to then trade, that is, sell when the value is high and buy when it falls; or hold them for a long time before selling them, waiting for demand to grow and value to multiply.

Cryptocurrencies use the so-called blockchain technology, thanks to which it is possible to certify operations without the intervention of banks or financial institutions, make capital movements without leaving a trace, and solve identification and cybersecurity problems. Today they are so common that they are not only worth as a means of investment, but also as commonly used coins, with which you can pay from a home to a coffee.

Mastering the operations with these currencies is anticipating what is to come, and that has always been the best way to earn money.

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