Lightning Fast Ways to Buy Bitcoin without ID Verification

Lightning Fast Ways to Buy Bitcoin without ID Verification

Nowadays buying Bitcoin without ID verification is getting more and more complicated.

The good news is, in this article, you will find out about the best ways that still work today to buy BTC without ID verification.

It’s not that simple

Before you get all excited and think that you have found your golden egg, you should know that buying Bitcoin requires ID verification for a reason.

Nonetheless, the whole point of blockchain and Bitcoin is decentralization.

Already a few years ago it came as a surprise that when buying Bitcoin different exchanges started asking to verify our IDs but now it’s becoming the norm.

And that’s Ok.

Because trustworthy crypto exchanges have to comply with the rules and regulations.

That’s how it should be.

Nevertheless, decentralization should be embraced and that’s why this article will review the top ways to buy Bitcoin without verification:

Using Credit or Debit Card purchases for buying BTC and staying anonymous is not the best option.


Because any exchange that would not require your ID verification most probably is not trustworthy and you should not trust your data with such platforms.

Simple as that.

Hence, the best way is to use other digital currencies and one of the quickest services out there favorites is Payeer.

By using Payeer you can buy Bitcoin without ID verification in less than 15-minutes. The quickest solution I have found can be found here from site called Paybis.

Their interface is straightforward and usually, within a few clicks you’ll be able to purchase BTC without verification.

One thing you should note is that ehen buying BTC with Payeer there are certain transaction limits.

Without ID you will be able to buy Bitcoin for up to 10 000 USD per year –here’s more info on that.

Other easy ways to buy BTC without verification

If you are looking for exchanges that are trustworthy and allow to buy Bitcoin without limits – I am afraid there won’t be any good news.

But what you can do is – mix things up and use several exchanges.

Here’s my top-3 of exchanges and their limits:

These two options should help you to load up on BTC no matter how much you want to buy while staying incognito.

Wrapping up

Be careful with the exchange you choose – check their reviews and see what people are saying about this exchange around the web.

There aren’t that many platforms that allow buying BTC without verification so do your research well.

Nonetheless, this list should provide you with Bitcoin for some time.


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