How Far Would You Go for Bitcoin? Scammer Ends Up in Dumpster in Raccoon Costume

How Far Would You Go for Bitcoin? Scammer Ends Up in Dumpster in Raccoon Costume

A man, who introduced himself as Yousef, sent a message to Neil Murphy from Ireland, asking for 0,15 Bitcoin (approx. 1200$). Metro UK reported that the Irishman decided to have some fun and said “yes,” but on one condition – that the scammer should send a picture of himself dressed as a raccoon next to a trash bin. The hilarious story in screenshots and photos has been published on Murphy’s Facebook account.

Yousef agreed, although made an attempt at bargaining and insisted on $100 advance. Murphy remained adamant, saying to Yousef, he had already been tricked.

”Last time I sent somebody the Bitcoin and he sent me a picture of him dressed as a badger instead of a raccoon and he didn’t even scavenge in a bin,“ he said to Yousef.

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When the scammer said he would need a couple of days to find an appropriate outfit and take a picture, Murphy condescend for stripes on his face and his clothes.

The cheat was consistent enough to send him a selfie with his painted face, then a shot of him posing in front of a bin. When the prankster didn’t like the boxes as they were not trashy enough, the unfortunate scammer found a more authentic one, even tipped it and took several photos there.

Only then did the Irishman end the conversation and rebuff the man, saying he wouldn’t send him any money despite all the troubles he had gone through. The raccoon-scammer had nothing to do but to block the prankster.

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