Delta Exchange: Trade Crypto Derivatives – Is it safe?

Delta Exchange: Trade Crypto Derivatives – Is it safe?

Delta-Exchange is a crypto margin trading exchange which essentially means it lets traders trade in derivatives and futures with cryptocurrency as their underlying asset. Delta exchange provides leverage of up to 100x on trades for long and short positions.

One of the significant advantages of Delta-Exchange is, it lets users take positions on the sell side too which lets traders take advantage of the upside and downside movements. However, one needs to ensure they have thorough knowledge about cryptocurrencies, skill in reading technical charts and prior experience of trading.

Delta-Exchange was started in 2018 and has picked up its pace ever since in the cryptocurrency space. Founded by entrepreneurs in the field of finance and technology, they have a strong leadership base to run their company. The mentor team consists of, Industry veteran Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, who is also a mentor to Stellar Lumen. Stani Kulechov, a prominent figure in the crypto space and CEO of ETHLend.

Trading Pairs on Delta-Exchange

Delta exchange currently offers futures on BTC, ETH, XRP & XLM with up to 100x leverage. Delta team also intends to introduce perpetual swaps and would be launched shortly.

Futures Settled In BTC:

BTC–USD: Quoted in USD and margined in BTC
XLM–USD: Quoted in BTC and margined in BTC

Delta-Exchange has just introduced Quanto Futures. In Quanto Futures the underlying asset is pegged to a stable asset and in this case to USDC. Delta-Exchange is the first of its kind to provide this option of settling their trades in USDC.

Settlement in USDC reduces the risk in price volatility of BTC, as USD-USDC remains pegged @ 1 USD during the life of the trade.

Quanto Futures Settled In USDC:

BTC–USDQ: Quoted in USD and settled and margined in USDC
ETH–USDQ: Quoted in USD and settled and margined in USDC
XRP–USDQ: Quoted in USD and settled and margined in USDC

Complete information in contracts listed on Delta-Exchange for trading.

Delta-Exchange Trading Terminal

Delta Exchange Trading Terminal

Having a team of experienced tech professionals and finance background, the platform does not disappoint the traders. Delta Exchange has an easy, trader friendly platform that is a hit for most traders.

Once you are logged in to the trading terminal, you will find a dropdown on the top left to choose the contract you want to trade in.  On selection of your desired contract, you are presented with what pretty much is provided on other cryptocurrency platforms, and you start trading crypto futures on Delta Exchange.

Technical charts, order books, bid and ask, volume, recent orders and so on. The same screen shows the margin required for when you enter into a particular contract. This saves you time from calculation or any errors.

You can also expand the chart to full screen and make use of all the charting tools and analysis. Most of the charts are present on Delta itself, saving your time and providing you with more indicators.

One of the major advantages of Delta is the liquidity the platform provides 24×7 ensuring traders always have the chance to exit their position.

Is Delta Exchange safe?

One of the most important factors while choosing an exchange platform is the security provided. With the widespread increase in technology, hacks have also been increasing, raising an eyebrow for many customers.

So the question is, is Delta Exchange safe?

Delta Exchange has the state of the art security measures put up to ensure the custody of crypto’s and trader’s details are all handled safely. Delta Exchange has enterprise-grade security and stores crypto’s in multi-sig wallets. Delta Exchange has adopted a robust risk management system. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Delta Exchange is very reliable to use.

Sign-Up And Referral Program

To make your account in Delta-Exchange all you need to do is enter a few details such as your name, last name and email id. And that is it. It takes about 2 minutes to create an ID and then you are good to go.

Delta-Exchange has tried to keep the signing process as simple as possible so as to encourage more traders to open up their accounts.

Once you have initiated your account and you like trading on Delta, you can start trading by depositing BTC to your Delta wallet, which is explained below.

You can also take advantage of the Delta Exchange referral program which gives you an opportunity to earn on commissions of the traders that you recommend. They are currently also offering a 100% deposit bonus of up to 0.01 BTC on your first deposit.

Deposits and Withdrawals on Delta-Exchange

Like most of the other platforms out in the market, deposits and withdrawals are quite an easy process. While you can only deposit & withdraw BTC in your wallet, there is an option of ‘currency converter’ that lets you exchange BTC to your desired contract currency.

Deposits on Delta are free of cost while withdrawals are chargeable. The table below explains the expenses incurred while withdrawing BTC from Delta Exchange.

Cryptocurrency Min Withdrawal Max Withdrawal ( per day ) Withdrawal Fee
BTC 0.001 BTC 2 BTC/ day Depends upon the state of Bitcoin Network


Delta Exchange is one of the top players in the crypto derivatives market right now. They have an advanced trading platform that can be understood quite easily. We hope that in times to come we will hear more about the Delta team.

However, before you enter in margin trading, ensure you are well aware of all the risks attached with it and the possibility of your trade going awry. Ensure you never risk more than what you can’t lose. If you are a beginner, then read this article on bitcoin margin and futures trading basics for more information.

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