5 Reasons to invest in Ripple XRP in this year

Ripple XRP is part of the cryptocurrency universe and was born to operate as an innovative financial system through Blockchain technology, having among its objectives, provide liquidity to the global financial system and allow banks and financial institutions to make money transfers in a manner safe and faster globally.

XRP has stood out for its remarkable growth, reaching in 2017 a historical maximum of 36,000%, XRP coin price is more than $ 3 per currency, it is also important to mention that at the beginning of 2018 it surpassed Ethereum, reaching the second place in the capitalization table of the cryptocurrency market. In the previous months it had a bearish stage, but its recovery has been gradual, currently occupies the third world position with a value of 0.28472 $

One of the most important reasons to invest in Ripple, is that it has the great advantage of handling the improved Blockchain technology, designed to operate with other networks, which puts it at the forefront among its competitors. Last year it made headlines by comparing companies such as Airbnb and Uber, which have revolutionized their respective industries.

Below, we will mention 5 reasons to invest in Ripple:

  1. It allows to process payments instantly from anywhere in the world:

It provides an unrestricted experience to send money globally using the power of Blockchain. XRP allows financial institutions to process payments from their customers anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. Ripple sells XRP to both institutions and through stock exchanges: around $ 52.2 million in the third quarter of last year.

  1. It can be the perfect tool for the necessary liquidity of banks:

Banks require stratospheric amounts of liquidity to function and it is one of the most urgent concerns for this business. The main figures within the cryptocurrency industry insist that digital assets can be the perfect tool to deliver this required liquidity. Speculators are already making bets that banks will need a large amount of XRP in the future as a reserve currency.

  1. It has great advantages against its competitors:

Unlike Bitcoin, XRP is not generated by mining. The units are limited to a total of 100 billion XRPs and 99 billion have already been generated. About 55 billion of this figure will be distributed to users.

Ripple has a processing time of only four seconds, is significantly less active than Bitcoin, and has the great advantage of making transactions with cheaper rates, while Bitcoin rates are increasing as people go adopting the platform.

If you want to buy XRP, you will need a wallet like in Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the big differences between Ripple and other crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ether, is that it cannot be undermined, because all the XRPs were already created when the protocol was launched.

  1. It is being adopted by a growing portfolio of companies:

XRP is appearing in an increasing number of international commercial exchanges and is being adopted by prestigious financial institutions. The company also announced that it has a growing portfolio of businesses that are interested in using XRP in their payment streams.

XRP and its platform have been accepted by important banks worldwide, which has given legitimacy to the processes, as well as credibility and trust from the investor’s point of view. This does not happen with Bitcoin and other currencies as they are seen as competition by banks.

  1. You can earn money:

It is fair to say that XRP has suffered price movements, being volatile in recent months, but it is fair to say that in this type of condition one can speculate to do online trading and earn money. In addition, it is clear that there will not be a cryptocurrency that reigns forever, with the probability that each of the cryptocurrencies in the market offers solutions to different problems. Therefore, it is worth considering other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

In order to take advantage of Ripple as an asset of the stock market, the best option is to use CFDs or Contracts for Difference. Brokers make these contracts available to investors on trading platforms.

When speculating with Ripple using CFD’s, the investor or trader will benefit from different advantages, with these Contracts for Difference will allow the investor or trader to take positions for the purchase, as well as directly for the sale. Taking into account the strong volatility of this asset or financial instrument and the number in its correction movements of your own constant bottom trend, provides several possibilities, allowing prudent hedging strategies.

Any person wishing to invest or trade with these financial assets must seek their own financial advice to achieve strategic and successful operations, minimizing the risks.

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