4 Marketing Techniques Used By A Bitcoin Advertising Network

Cryptocurrency businesses these days are doing very well for themselves. However, one of the main challenges that they often face is regarding coming up with new marketing techniques. One strategy that has come up like a saving grace for cryptocurrency businesses is a bitcoin advertising network.

These networks help businesses to put their ads on a related website, so that, more traffic can be generated. It also gives business owners a chance to enjoy higher conversion rates and various other features. Besides, a advertising network uses different types of marketing techniques in order to serve its customers.

In this article, you will find a list of four common tools used by such networks. So, continue reading!

1. Press Release

One of the first marketing techniques that businesses linked with a advertising network use is a press release. You can choose to write your own press release or outsource it to a writer and submit it to your chosen advertising network. These press releases will then be posted along with your website link on different affiliated sites.

Along with this, the advertising network will also make sure that the press release is promoted using different social media networks. Overall, you will be able to get a complete range of marketing promotions done for your posted press release.

2. Sponsored Post

There are many cryptocurrency businesses that want a more in-depth post written about the business of product according to their marketing strategy. By linking yourself to a advertising network, you will be able to enjoy this as well. Most ad networks offer the service of post writing in-house, which means you do not have to hire a writer, especially for the job.

However, even if you want to write your own in-depth post for your company, it can be done easily. Similar to a press release, these articles or posts are also promoted with the help of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. They are even included in the newsletter that the network sends to its readers.

3. Exchange Review

Exchange reviews are also a popular way of marketing your business or product on affiliated sites. You can start by asking the advertising network to write a detailed review of your trading platform, cryptocurrency exchange, or trading bot. These reviews can also revolve around the brokerage service offered by cryptocurrency businesses.

Since these reviews are usually in-depth, there is a certain fix rate charged for them by the advertising network. You can find more information about the same by getting in touch with your account manager. They will not only be able to tell you about the rates of these reviews but also the turnaround time for the same.

4. Banner Advertising

Last but definitely not least! The native banners used by a advertising network are quite popular. These are visual banners that are easy to see and offer a quick link to your website or social media page. These banners can also be created by the ad network itself.

Almost every leading advertising network has an in-house banner design team that works on creating the perfect visual display for your business. The size can be custom, but it is best to follow the more effective banner ad standards. This can be placed anywhere including the sidebar, foot as well as the top of a post.

The range of marketing techniques and tools offered by a advertising network can help your business grow significantly. Therefore, if you are into cryptocurrency-related products and services, then considering an ad network for your next marketing needs is highly recommended.

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